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A Lady’s Prayer

My God.

You are my Lord and Creator.

Your grace and mercy humbles me.

I am honored by your love,  and your presence around me.

I sanctify the gifts you have bestowed upon me.

My Heavenly Father.

I humbly pray……

you know my heart, my mind, and perfect me in ways to serve you.

I pray for the gifts of the seven, and offer my humble life to your service.

My Lord you have blessed me.

I marvel at your infinite wisdom and power.

I kneel to you and thank you for all you have given me.

Because of you, I am imbued with knowledge and strength.

I am with courage and compassion.


My Divine Lord

My life is yours.

With you I am never lost.

My Lord, thou hast not forsaken me. My Lord, will let no man condemn me.

I am blessed by the power of your grace and mercy, and by the spirit you have placed inside of me.

My Divine Lord, only your laws rule me.

I live and prosper in your name, and serve only your will.



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