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Runic Alphabet

Capture Name: Dawn 
Meaning: Hope & Happiness
Interpretation: Breakthrough in awakening, and awareness. The power of change directed by your own will.

Name: Inheritance
Meaning: Heritage, Tradition, Nobility
Interpretation: Ancestral property. A place of birth, spiritual heritage, experience and fundamental values. To aid in spiritual and physical journeys. A source of safety, increase and abundance.

Name: Frey 
Meaning: Fertilization, the Beginning of something
Interpretation: A time of internal growth. To listen to yourself.  A time when all loose strings are tied and you are free to move in a new direction. A rest stage, a time of relief, of no anxiety.

Name: Water
Meaning: The healing power of Renewal, Life, Energy and Organic growth.
Interpretation: Success in travel or acquisition, but with the possibility of loss, or potential chaos. Imagination and psychic matters. Dreams, fantasies, mysteries, the unknown, etc.

Name: Man
Meaning: Augmentation & Support.
Interpretation: The Self; the individual or the human race. Your attitude toward others and their attitudes towards you. Social Order with  Divine structure, intelligence, awareness & assistance.

Name: Horse
Meaning: Trust, Faith, and Companionship.
Interpretation: Gradual development and steady progress. Transportation, movement & change for the better.  Confirmation beyond doubt.

Name: Birch
Meaning: Mental, Physical, and Personal Growth
Interpretation: Regenerative power, renewal, and a promise of new beginnings or growth. Arousal of desire. A love affair or new birth.

Name: Tyr
Meaning: Victory, Justice & Honor
Interpretation: Analysis, rationality. Knowing where one’s true strengths lie. Victory and success in any competition, or combative matters.

Name: The Sun
Meaning: Success & Solace.
Interpretation: The life-force, health. A time when power will be available to you for positive changes in your life. Wholeness. Contact between the higher self and the unconscious.

Name: Elk
Meaning: Protector & Shield.
Interpretation: The protective urge to shelter oneself or others. In defense, warding off evil, and shielding against harm. Guardian & Protector. A connection with God, an awakening, and higher life.

Name: Cup
Meaning: A Secret Matter. A Mystery of hidden things.
Interpretation: Initiation, knowledge of one’s destiny, knowledge of future matters, determining the future or your path.

Name: Yew
Meaning: Strength & Stability.
Interpretation: The driving force to acquire, providing motivation and a sense of purpose. Enlightenment, and endurance indicating that goals can be achieved.

Name: Year
Meaning: Harvest & Reward
Interpretation: Lifecycle, cyclical pattern of the universe. Everything changes, in its own time. A time of peace and happiness, a result of earlier efforts. A fruitful season.

Name: Gift
Meaning: Generosity & Sacrifice
Interpretation: Indicating balance. All matters in relation to exchanges, relationships, and partnerships.

Name: Ice
Meaning: A Challenge or Frustration.
Interpretation: Psychological blocks to thought or activity. Seek clarity inside oneself.

Name: Need
Meaning: A need, unfulfilled desire.
Interpretation: Delays, restrictions ,and resistance leading to strength, innovation, and self-reliance. Face fears, distress, confusion, and conflict, with the power of will to overcome them. A time to exercise patience in recognition of one’s fate.

Name: Hail
Meaning: Destruction & Chaos.
Interpretation: Wrath of nature. Destructive and uncontrolled forces. May be tied to the subconscious mind.

Name: Joy
Meaning: Ecstasy, Glory, Spiritual Reward.
Interpretation: General success and recognition of worth.  Fellowship, harmony, and prosperity.

Name: Beacon Of Hope
Meaning: Vision, Revelation, and Knowledge.
Interpretation: Inspirational, and technical ability. A vital fire of life, to harnessed power.

Name: Chariot
Meaning: Movement, Work, & Growth.
Interpretation: Seeing a larger perspective. Travel, both in physical terms and those of lifestyle direction. A journey.

Name: Breath
Meaning: Prosperity & Vitality.
Interpretation: A revealing message or insight, communication.True Vision. True Wisdom. Blessings, Signals, and Inspiration.

Name: Giant
Meaning: Destruction & Defense.
Interpretation: A reactive force, and direct conflict. A tendency toward change, and Instinctual will.

Name: Wild Ox
Meaning: Strength Of Will.
Interpretation: Physical strength and speed. Untamed potential. A time of great energy and health.

Name: Cattle
Meaning: Wealth.
Interpretation: Earned income. Financial strength in the present or near future. Luck in abundance. Sign of success, energy, and foresight.


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