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Birth Flower's

September’s Flower’s

September’s Flower’s

September hold wonderful treasures including the magnificent star sapphire, a powerful gemstone. But its birth flowers have been fascinating and inspiring humanity for as long as there are records of their existence. The Morning Glory, The Forget Me Nots, and The Aster are the spectacular flower’s September represents. Blue and purple blooms that deserve to be touched and admired. For Virgo and Libra spirits, September’s flowers & gemstones should have a consistent place in your home, or in your life. The characteristics that these flower’s have are inherited by the man or woman born in it’s magic month. Patience, Daintiness and Remembrance can be obtained. These flower’s convey deep emotional love and affection.



Aster’s are beautiful perennials, symbolizing love, and were once use to ward off serpents. With their wildflower beauty and lush texture, asters have long been considered an enchanted flower. In ancient times, it was thought that the perfume from their burning leaves could drive away evil serpents. Today, they’re known as a talisman of love and a symbol of patience. The name aster is derived from the Greek word for “star,” and its star-like flowers can be found in a rainbow of colors – white, red, pink, purple, lavender and of course blue.

Morning Glory


Morning glory flowers signify love, affection and mortality. So much so that morning glories have been traced back to ancient China where they were used for medicinal and ceremonial purposes. Morning Glory symbolizes devotion, daintiness. Filling September with light, life and love. A heart warming symbol of joy and affection; however it should be specified that it is the spiritual meaning of those feelings rather than the feelings themselves.

Forget Me Not


The Forget Me Not is a petite and beautiful flower. Legend has it that the name “Forget Me Not” came from a Knight as his last words to his Lady. The two went for a walk down the river bank where he picked her some flowers, but as he bent over to pick them, his armor put him in the water, as he drowned, he threw the flowers to the woman that he loved and asked her to “forget me not.” The Freemasons also used the Forget me not to remember their fellow masons that were victims of the Nazi regime, there are a lot of deeper meanings to this flower, and various origins of it’s name. As a nation, during the month of September this flower symbolizes those we have lost at war.



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