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Mama’s Hugs

How am I to make anyone happy today

When I don’t feel so good

When I don’t feel like smiling

When I don’t behave as I should



It’s hard to find a reason to care,

When I’m not thinking clearly.

When my mood is low and gray

My thoughts can be very shifty



Sometimes it’s hard to snap out of a bad mood.

I am sullen. I am brooding. I am rude.

Your forgiving nature fits you like a glove.

You always come with a remedy

And it always starts with a hug.



The biggest smile with the widest arms

Stronger than anyone could think of

Embracing me, body and spirit

With unconditional love



You bring in God’s light

And carry my troubles away

You’re like a superhero to me.

An extraordinary mother, who comes to save my day



Thank you, Mama. Thank you for your kindness,

Thank you for your hugs.

There is no cure that I know….

That beats a mother’s love.


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2 thoughts on “Mama’s Hugs

  1. I’m biting this for the next Mother’s Day. Sorry. Very succinct yet sincerely sweet.

    Posted by Dante | March 23, 2017, 2:55 am03

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