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Music For The Spirit

We have unchained melodies that warm our hearts, and music that soothe the heart of a ravenous beast that has been played throughout the ages of time. Music can sway our busy mind, lift our spirits, break down our walls, and compel us to fall in love. Musicians talents vary and their creations won the hearts of millions.  The art of music come naturally for some, and a skill earned for others. Still, music is forever expanding and always reinventing itself, creating a wide range of artist and genres. It just goes to show that at any age music moves us in ways that are uplifting and fulfilling to the body and spirit. It is truly a feast for the player and the listener.

The player is gifted. But it is the listener who is truly blessed. From the sudden rush of excitement and joy to the emotional overwhelming gasp for breath anytime we hear a familiar song. We are inspired, we are moved. We are completely captivated and lost in the moment. We can actually feel the anticipation of a song building up. Drums, percussions, and up-tempo beats pound their way deep within our chest becoming in sync with our bodies. Musicians capture the hearts of people all over the world, every day. It’s no wonder they live such extraordinary lives. Musicians are naturally more mentally alert and more focused. Studies show that musicians have significantly faster reaction times than non-musicians and that learning to play a musical instrument could keep your brain sharp as you age, and prevent certain aspects of cognitive decline in older adults. Over time a musician’s mind changes brain structure and function for the better, improve long-term memory leading to better brain development.

If keeping your moods positive and staying in a relaxed state of mind are things you would like to pursue, then I have a few things I would like to share with you. Keep in mind our bodies are our temples, and we are in more control of our mood than the circumstances around us. It’s all about taking control of our daily thoughts and behaviors. Choosing one thought over another, one action over another, causing one effect over another. Like exercise, music stimulates the chemicals in our brains that lead to feelings of tranquility and well-being. It releases endorphins for an incredible surge in energy and creativity. It lifts the mood, lifts the spirit, and helps relax the mind. Here are a few common ways where music can heal or uplift the spirit.

  1. We all have our problems. But Before tackling a stressful encounter or activity listen to up-tempo music and gradually ease down to calming and more relaxing music.
  2. Ballads, Classical, and Gospel Music combined with prayer and meditation have been known to have healing effects, steady the mind, and help with focus and brain development.
  3. Let music fill your mind instead of negative thoughts. If possible exercise along with your favorite tunes in the background. Let music play low in the background while you enjoy your favorite hobbies.
  4.  Express your thoughts and feelings through music or song. Writing, mastering, producing or arrangement. Music can be a perfect remedy or a relaxing therapy session.
  5. Bathe in the glory of it all. With wireless speakers and Pandora why not combined a calming bath with a soothing playlist. Or jumpstart your shower with a kick-ass playlist to get you going.

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