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Music For The Spirit

The Art of Music comes naturally for some, and a skill earned for others. Still, music is forever expanding and always reinventing itself, creating a wide range of artists and genres. At any age, music has moved us in ways that are riveting and fulfilling to the body, mind, and spirit. We have played unforgettable melodies that warmed our bodies and soothed our savaged souls throughout the ages of time. Music is a gift. A gift that keeps giving. It can calm our busy minds, uplift our spirits, tear down our guard, even compel us to fall in love.

With so many styles of music musicians talents vary, and often they come equipped with more than one skill, leading to genre crossovers. Their hard work and dedication show in their performance, in their voice, in their presentation. These soulful creations capture the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. It’s no wonder we live such extraordinary lives surrounded by music. We are inspired, we are moved. We are completely captivated and lost in a song. The listener shares an experience with the player. We can actually feel the anticipation building up, pounding deep within our bodies. We completely control the experience.

And our bodies are our temples.
We are in more control of our mood than the circumstances around us. It’s all about taking control of our daily thoughts and behaviors. Choosing one thought over another, one action over another, in turn causing one effect over another.

Like exercise, music stimulates the chemicals in our brains that lead to feelings of tranquility and well-being. It releases endorphins for an incredible surge in energy and creativity. It lifts the mood, lifts the spirit, and helps relax the mind. Here are a few common ways to use it every day, so make time.

  1. We all have our problems. But Before tackling a stressful encounter or situation listen to up-tempo music and gradually ease down to calming and more relaxing music. Set the mood to help put your mind in better place.
  2. Ballads, Classical, and Gospel Music combined with prayer and meditation have been known to have healing effects, steadies the mind, and helps with focus and brain development.
  3. Let music fill your mind instead of negative thoughts. Sometimes it hard to remove yourself from stressful situations, or you may find yourself without any music resources. Singing or humming a song to push back stressful thoughts can be as rewarding as silently praying to yourself.  It can be a very helpful distraction.
  4. If possible exercise along with your favorite tunes in the background. Let the music play low in the background while you enjoy your favorite hobbies or while at work.
  5.  Express your thoughts and feelings through music or song. Writing, playing, producing or arranging, music can be a perfect remedy or even more, a relaxing therapy session.
  6. Bathe to music. Shower to music. Swim with music. With wireless speakers and Pandora why not combine them both to help jumpstart your day on a lighter note.
  7. Have a good experience. Stay focused. Think in a positive light. Find music that really speaks to you. That you can connect with.

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