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Music For The Spirit

We have unchained melodies that warm our hearts, and music that soothe the heart of a ravenous beast that has been played throughout the ages of time. Music can sway our busy mind, lift our spirits, break down our walls, and compel us to fall in love. Musicians talents vary and their creations won the hearts … Continue reading

The Color Red

Red and it’s meaning. It’s spiritual and physical effects Continue reading

Mama’s Hugs

A Poem dedicated to my mother who has always been there for me when times were tough. Thank you Mom. I love you Mom. Continue reading

Seven Sun’s and Six Moon’s

A poem written and created by Angel Taylor. http://www.lyrics-angel.com/ Continue reading

November’s Super Moon

November’s Super moon will be the biggest super moon on record. It will appear up to 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than an average full moon, and NASA claims we won’t get another one until 2034 Continue reading

September’s Flower’s

September’s Flower’s September hold wonderful treasures including the magnificent star sapphire, a powerful gemstone. But its birth flowers have been fascinating and inspiring humanity for as long as there are records of their existence. The Morning Glory, The Forget Me Nots, and The Aster are the spectacular flower’s September represents. Blue and purple blooms that deserve … Continue reading

September’s Sapphire’s

Sapphires have always been associated with deep spirituality and devotion. Sapphire is considered to bring peace and
contentment to one’s soul, as well as trust in the fulfilment of his or her destiny. It is gemstone royalty, and King of all blue stones Continue reading

Runic Alphabet

The Greek Runic Alphabet.
Old English, US text. Continue reading

Bless The Home Prayer

Original Author: Helen Taylor Original Title: Bless This House O’Lord We Pray  1927   Bless this house O’Lord we pray. Make it safe by night and day. Bless the folks who dwell within. Keep them pure and free from sin. Bless these windows shining bright. Letting in your heavenly light. Bless us all that we … Continue reading

Prayer for Strength

Grant me strength Dear Lord.   When I feel stressed. When I am down… Help me lift my eyes to the heavens and breathe in your peace.   When I feel tired. When I feel weak…. Help me find my strength through you.   When I feel irritable. When I feel hopeless… Help me draw … Continue reading